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Hmsa Foundation

Published on Aidpage by IDILOGIC on Dec 28, 2005

Basic info

Name: Hmsa Foundation
Address: HONOLULU, HI 96808-0860
Web site: no data
Type: Private non-operating foundation

Organization activities as reported to IRS

NTEE category (what is NTEE?)

Medical Research N.E.C.

Organizations that provide services related to research regarding diseases, disorders or medical specialties.
NTEE broader category

Medical Research

Private nonprofit research institutes and other organizations whose primary purpose is to promote the advancement of knowledge about specific diseases, disorders or medical disciplines.
Includes: organizations whose only function is to conduct health-related research.
Excludes: voluntary health organizations and programs active in the prevention or treatment of illnesses or conditions.

Financial data as reported to IRS for tax period ending: Dec 1, 2003

Assets: $23,660,900
Total Revenue: No Info
Income: $2,435,930

Key personnel and compensation as reported to IRS for 2003

Name: Mark L Forman
Position: Executive Administrator
Compensation: $63,602

IRS registration data

IRS registered name: HMSA FOUNDATION
IRS district of jurisdiction:
Federal EIN: 99-0250429
Ruling date: Jan 1, 1998
Classified by IRS as: Charitable Organization

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